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KLEIS Workshop for Greek Language and Culture, in addition to its courses in person, also provides Greek language courses online.

These courses are conducted by our experienced teachers-collaborators and take the form of


a. an one-session-standard course (groups of 3-6 students)

: 1 synchronous (live) session/week of 2 hours each,

total duration of the program: 10 weeks, total cost: 120 euros


b. a two-session-standard course (groups of 3-6 students)

: 2 synchronous (live) sessions/week of 2 hours each,

total duration of the program: 10 weeks, total cost: 220 euros


c. one to one tuition (number of hours, schedule and duration upon arrangement)


Our online courses take advantage of the most up-to-date educational platforms, a variety of electronic tools and modern teaching materials. What the student needs is just a computer with a webcam/microphone and a fast internet connection (minimum 10 Mbps). Technology does not replace, but rather supports, the creative interaction between teacher and student(s), which we always want to be the foundation of the lesson.

Thanks to the electronic tools available, the online courses match the quality of the lessons in person, overcoming at the same time a number of practical difficulties (such as distance, limited time etc.)

The didactic approach followed is, as in our general programs, a communicative one. However, as the teaching is individualized, the lesson can be tailored to the particular wishes and needs of each student or group of students: e.g. speaking classes are offered, if the priority for the student(s) is the production of oral speech, or grammar-focused courses if this is what the student(s) needs.

Special courses on the other hand (e.g. translators’ courses) may by definition focus on specific skills.

For the various programs offered by our school, please see here


The registration procedure, from manifesting interest to enrolling in an online course, does not differ significantly from the procedure followed in the other programs:

1. The interested person contacts the school and provides all necessary information on his/her level (for the level distinction and placement please see here), the program s/he would like to attend (type of program, total number of hours/number of hours per week) and days & hours s/he would be available (a) for an introductory guided navigation on the platform (“tour”) and (b) for lessons.

2. The school informs him/her about fees & availability and arranges an appointment for the introductory tour, if necessary, on the educational platform that will be used, guided by the teacher.

3. The teacher conducts the introductory tour and answers to any additional questions. The tour is not charged for nor does it entail any obligation for the interested person to enroll.

4. If the student decides to enroll, s/he completes his/her enrollment

(a) by filling out and sending to the school the enrollment application form and

(b) by depositing the fees agreed

5. The school confirms the enrollment and specifies the day and time of the first lesson.

After the completion of a course a certificate of attainment is provided.

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