LEVELS of proficiency

The European Council adopts in the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages the following division in six levels of proficiency

Α1: BASIC USER: Breakthrough or beginner

Α2: BASIC USER: Waystage or elementary


Β1: INDEPENDENT USER: Threshold or intermediate

Β2: INDEPENDENT USER: Vantage or upper intermediate


Γ1/C1: PROFICIENT USER: Effective Operational Proficiency or advanced

Γ2/C2: PROFICIENT USER: Mastery of Proficiency

See here the global description of the six levels as it is presented in the official website of the European Council (text available in 22 languages)

Global description of the six levels (Wikipedia)

KLEIS-Workshop for Greek Language and Culture follows the level-division of the European Council as it is specified for Greek by the Greek Language Centre ΚΕΓ (text available only in Greek)