Enrollment Procedure

An interested person expresses his / her wish to take part in one of our programs usually by sending an e-mail to the school including some basic information about him- / herself and his / her desires.

Under the guidance of the school, after the necessary information and evaluation of the placement test (if there is any), the most suitable level and course for each student is chosen and agreed upon.

The student fills out and sends the enrollment application form.

The school estimates the cost of the program and informs the student.

For completion of enrollment, the student needs to send in a payment in advance 50% of the cost of the program (and accommodation, if it is organized by the school) as soon as possible and at the latest 30 days before the starting date of the program concerned.

Finally the school sends to the student the “enrollment card” by e-mail including all important details: full address of the school, precise arrival time at school on the first day, and anything else needed. At this point the enrollment is considered to be completed.