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Course Description

Cater for foreigners who stay in Greece for a short period of time or those who want to make faster progress within a shorter period of time

Intensive courses are offered all year round.

Intensive program 2 weeks: 10 sessions of 4 hours (40 hours): 550 euros

Intensive program 3 weeks: 15 sessions of 4 hours (60 hours): 775 euros

Intensive program 4 weeks: 20 sessions of 4 hours (80 hours): 1000 euros


Please note:

  • Group enrollments (3 or more students who enrol together in an intensive course of the same level on the same starting date) have a discount of 20%.


  • Groups are composed of 3 to 6 students.


  • The school still offers an intensive program to less than three students but applies a reduction in the number of hours at the same cost.

For two students instead of three the number of hours daily is reduced from 4 to 3.

For one student instead of three the number of hours daily is reduced from 4 to 2.



A two week intensive program includes without extra charge:

  • the learning material
  • a folder with informative material about Chania
  • wi-fi connection in the school
  • a  Greek / Cretan dance lesson in the school
  • a presentation of a Greek film in the school or in one of the city’s cinemas (depending on the cinema schedules)
  • a preparation of a typical Greek / Cretan dish in the school’s kitchen or garden
  • a visit to a site of historical, natural or artistic interest in the area depending on the season and on the students’ level (for instance an exhibition, a museum, a concert or a theater performance)
  • a meal shared by students and teachers in a taverna or restaurant of the city

Please note:

  • Activities may vary depending on the season or on the interests of the students. Some activities may be replaced by others.The list above is indicative.



*due to the covid-19 pandemic

The in-person intensive courses  will take place only under the condition that  safety for all participants and the school staf will be ensured, according to all requirements defined by the Greek Ministries of Education and Health.

The extracurricular activities will be offered only if the health situation in the area allows it. The activities might be  partly or completely cancelled.


What do the symbols mean:

KLEIS Workshop for Greek Language and Culture follows the grading defined in the Common European Framework of Reference, as it is specified for Greek by the Centre of Greek Language ΚΕΓ

In the course schedule:

_ the symbol A0 or BEG means ‘beginner’

_ the symbol A1 means that a program is aimed at students who already have very elementary knowledge of the language and now start their preparation for level A1.

_ the symbol A1+ means that a program is aimed at students who have already worked on level A1 and now are near to its completion

Indications A2, A2+, B1, B1+, B2 and B2+ are to be interpreted accordingly.

About Instructor

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