“Work Hard”

I followed a 4-weeks intensive B2-C1 in September. Kleis met all my expectations, and more: nice and calm environment in a beautiful house, very friendly atmosphere, small groups, and most important, an excellent teacher team. I have learned quite many languages in my life and followed don’t know how many language courses and both Katerina and Angela, who were my teachers for this time, have already entered my personal top-10 language teachers: competent, clear, sharp, with a deep knowledge of their (oh so beautiful and tricky) mother tongue and strong pedagogical skills: real teachers that make you work hard without you noticing time passing by. I very much appreciated the quality materials (interesting texts and video clips, clear grammar exercises) and the fact that computers and the internet only were used in class when they offered an added value, but didn’t replace paper and pen nor the very useful whiteboard, and that the classrooms, being modern and functional, were not dominated by a giant screen, as it’s the case today in many places. Besides all that, I enjoyed also a lot the « small plus »: the extra-curricular activities, the local beach not far away, doing my homework on the terraces by the sea, and beautiful Chania.

Isabel Carbajal, 02.10.2017